And now for something completely different

I thought I’d lighten the mood after my last blog and talk about my other passion – Music

I know I thought, my five favourite albums…..   talk about setting yourself an impossible task, it would be easier to get a real Disability Alliance formed!  I thought I’d start with a couple of my favourite artistes/bands easy Pink Floyd and David Bowie. So which album? For Floyd it had to be Dark Side, but then what about Wish you were Here ?  OK Bowie then, Heroes.. oh shit… what about Ziggy Stardust? REM was easier, Automatic for the People, the Who? Who’s Next, it’s getting easier I thought. Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde.. no Highway 61, no Blood on the Tracks. This is bloody impossible!

My sons conned me into choosing my favourite band/artiste a few weeks ago by asking me a series of which one questions… REM or AC/DC ..hmmm  REM  REM or Bod Dylan…  aaaargghh  Bob Dylan… Bob Dylan or David Bowie… I was in agony… who to choose?  Bowie I replied. Bowie or the Who..  grrr will the torture never stop, how do I choose??  Bowie again I replied, then the toughie… Pink Floyd or Bowie… as my head exploded I screamed STOP!!!!   At that point I realised it had to be the Floyd.

I’ve seen Bowie and the Floyd about six or seven times each in each of their classic eras, I loved every minute of every concert, but the sharpest memories were definitely Floyd, although seeing Bowie perform in a pub stands out as one of my greatest memories. So Floyd it was, just and maybe on another day, it wouldn’t be….

So how does anyone choose favourite albums or bands or singers or tracks? For me it’s a mood thing, what to listen to is based on how I feel; today is an AC/DC day, yesterday was Leonard Cohen, tomorrow who knows? I have no musical ability, none whatsoever, can’t sing, play or keep rhythm but I can listen all day every day given the chance. I love live gigs, it almost doesn’t matter who I see, unsigned bands, old fogies from the seventies or the latest rock “sensation”. I was lucky enough to see Jimi Hendrix, I saw the Doors my daughter dragged me to see Boyzone with her(OK I did NOT enjoy that) . My taste is eclectic, from cheesy pop (if it’s bad enough) to death metal, so pinning myself down to five albums is impossible.

Maybe, just maybe I’ll try and produce a top 50 albums…. when I get time, when my head stops spinning, until then here are ten albums I love, but NOT my top ten….

Dark Side of the Moon


Automatic for the People

Family Entertainment

Wee Tam and Big Huge

Parallel Lines

Never Mind the Bollocks


Hot Rats

Scott 4

Beggar’s Banquet

Who’s N ext

Arrgghhh  that’s too many, sod it I’m quitting while I’m ahead!


2 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. Nice post. Pretty much sums the situation when I try and pin things down to a list of favourites.

    Throwing daily use of iTunes/iPods in to the mix makes things interesting. I try to give all my songs a star rating so that I can easily produce smart playlists, etc. Trouble is, on any given day the rating I’d give to a song will change depending on mood.

    I give myself a broad system where 1 star is very definitely hated and wouldn’t ever be welcome (these are usually my wife’s song’s – shhh) and 5-stars are rock-solid never-let-me-down favourites. The real trouble is in the middle ground. 2- and 3-star songs can easily get promoted, and 4-star songs easily demoted – only to be promoted / demoted again the next time around. In addition, if you ever listen using ‘shuffle’ mode (which I don’t do too often, being more of an album man), one’s re-rating of a song can be influenced by the song that played before and whether the current one flows nicely from it.

    Also, there is the ‘novelty’ factor. Newer or most recently purchased stuff will be high in the rankings for a while until the novelty wears off a bit. This is probably the same reason why whenever you see one of the ‘Top 100 Albums’ lists there is always an someone like JLS (or equivalent current pop act) inexplicably near the top. Such lists should probably automatically disqualify anything less than a year old to get a more accurate result.

    Most interesting.

    I was going to post my top five albums, but I fear I’ll have to re-visit to edit this comment every day!

  2. Some quality albums there. I always try this, but my faves change with mood & whatever I’ve been listening to at the time 🙂

    Funny how music can effect you so much. Quality taste tho sir!

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